Bud Light
Bud Light Lime
Coor’s Light
Michelob Golden Draft Light
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Light
Miller High Life


Amstel Light
Bass Ale
Negra Modelo
New Castle
St. Pauli Girl

Domestic Premium

Bell’s Amber
Bell”s Seasonal
Blue Moon
Grain Belt Premium
Killian’s Irish Red
Leinie’s Classic Amber
Leninie’s Creamy Dark
Leinie’s Honey Weiss
Leinie”s Original
Samuel Adams Lager
Schell’s Dark
Schell’s Firebrick
Schell’s Seasonal
Schell’s Pilsner
Schell’s Stout
Summit EPA
Rolling Rock

White Wines

Pinot Grigio, Trinity Oaks

(CA) Juicy pear flavor with a hint of apricot and fresh peach with a crisp clean finish.

Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson

(CA) Tropical flavors of pineapple, mango and papaya delicately intertwined with aromas of vanilla and honey.

White Blend, Menage a Trios

Think of it as a trip to the island without the worry of sunburn or bugs.  It’s undeniably fruity and unabashedly easy.

Riesling, Starling Castle

(Germany) Fresh and fruity, Minnesota’s favorite Riesling is great with light meals and dessert.

Moschofilero, Boutari

(Greese) “mo-sko-feel-er-o” A mouthful of words to match the mouthful of refreshing orange blossom, grapefruit and lemon flavors.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir, Beaulieu Vinyard

Rustic, easy-to-enjoy style that is ruby-red in color, the wine has a complex bouquet of spiced plum, strawberry and toasted oak.  Flavors lay smooth on the palate with soft, supple essence of ripe cherry and rose petal.

Red Blend, Menage a Trois

(CA) The number one selling red wine in the U.S. is here to tantalize your taste buds in the blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Zinfandel.

Mablec, Conquista

(Argentina) With hints of mocha, spice and smoke, this wine will be great with steak or pasta dishes.

Cabernet, The Show

(CA) A bold cabernet with a hint of merlot gives this medium-bodied wine lush fruit forward flavors with a spicy oak finish.
sit back and enjoy “The Show”.

Merlot, Sterling

(CA) Give it a swirl, this deep rich flavored merlot has great blackberry, smoked oak and vanilla teaming well with steak or to finish off that chocolate dessert.

House Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot – Chardonnay – White Zinfandel


Cook’s Spumante

Specialty Drinks

The La La

Our tropical twist on a long island iced tea. Fruity refreshing but the recipe is our secret.


Blended on the rocks with our house pour tequila or step it up with a prefect margarita made with Patron and Grand Mariner.

Pina Colada

Island cresh cocktail made with rum and cocanut blended to prefection.

Bloody Pappa

Jumbo shrimp, fresh mozzrella, olives, celery, pepperoni and ham in our spooky sauce made in Eagan, MN.

Pappageorge’s Martinis

Apple Drop

Green Apple Pucker, Vodka & Sweet-n-Sour


Parrot Bay Mango, Vodka, Pineapple, Orange & Triple Sec

Classic Cosmopolitan

Vodka, Triple Sec & Cranberry

Classic Martini

Your Choice of Vodka or Gin, Straight Up or on the Rocks, Dry?
Any Way You Like It!


Vodka, Chardonnay, Peach Schnapps & Lemon Line Soda


Gin, Lime Juice & Soda

Key Lime Pie-Tini

Dr. Vanillacuddy, Vodka, Lime Juice & Cream

Bailey’s Chocola-Tini

Bailey’s, Vodka & Chocolate Liquor

Strawberry Martini

Vodka, Triple Sec & Strawberries in a sugar-rimmed glass

Make your Martini a Double!